Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Does the Mental Aspect Matter?

Okay, so most people think of Martial Arts as kicking and punching, maybe a way to keep in shape, etc... What I love about Martial Arts is all the mental health benefits it offers! As posted at my dojo, these are some of the mental benefits:
There are many more, these are just a few. What average people don't understand is that these benefits are reaped from studying Martial Arts as well as learning how to punch someone. A good Martial Artist knows that mental and physical must balance each other, and none is better than the other. They are both equally important to your success. Why the mental aspect matters is because without the mental part of Martial Arts, it's just blind beat people up Martial Arts, which is NEVER a good way to think of it. With good mentality, you have good morals along with good physical technique. Just maintain a good balance, and your technique both physical and mental will prosper.


  1. The mental aspect is of MASSIVE importance.

  2. All of these are equally important.

  3. Very good points. As a scout, i realize really how much of a mental aspect of it is. Afterall, a scout is always mentally strait, and morally correct. :D Although martial arts and scouting are VERY different, i still understand what you mean!

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