Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Standing Still

I was in my karate school as usual on a Tuesday night helping out with the lowest-ranking class consisting of No-Belts and White Belts, when my Instructor Erik ran a very interesting drill. You may guess from the title of this post, it was about standing still! Nothin' but! The Sempais, or Black Belt helpers for a class, stood in front of each student and were instructed to just stare at them. And the student wasn't to look away at all. Intrigued by this, I chose a fairly new little girl. Erik said go, and we stared at each other. Meanwhile, cars went by outside, parents were talking behind us, and Erik was trying to distract us. While all this was going on, the student, Willow, did not look at anything else, I swear. She stared right at me and didn't get distracted whatsoever. I was amazed by the focus of this No-Belt. It wasn't even a blank stare, it was with intention. It was surreal, even. I felt as if Willow was staring right into my very soul, and I felt her energy directed right at me. She stood still and did not budge, didn't even move her eyes once.

Now how does this relate to Martial Arts? In a lot of ways, actually. The entire drill was based on FOCUS. Focus is needed for anything you want to do in Martial Arts, especially the physical things. I know that Willow will have a good technique in the future because she is not distracted easily, and has an uncanny ability to focus. Many kids her age will look around, get distracted, and not focus on what I or any Black Belt is teaching them. They lack focus. But based on Willow's demonstration of her focusing abilities, I trust that I can teach her and she will listen.

We can apply this to anywhere once again, can't we? Whether you still attend school, or have moved on to the working world, focus is an ideal thing to have when doing anything. If there are any other Martial Arts Instructors out there, this is a drill I recommend to teach focus to younger or even older students.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Does the Mental Aspect Matter?

Okay, so most people think of Martial Arts as kicking and punching, maybe a way to keep in shape, etc... What I love about Martial Arts is all the mental health benefits it offers! As posted at my dojo, these are some of the mental benefits:
There are many more, these are just a few. What average people don't understand is that these benefits are reaped from studying Martial Arts as well as learning how to punch someone. A good Martial Artist knows that mental and physical must balance each other, and none is better than the other. They are both equally important to your success. Why the mental aspect matters is because without the mental part of Martial Arts, it's just blind beat people up Martial Arts, which is NEVER a good way to think of it. With good mentality, you have good morals along with good physical technique. Just maintain a good balance, and your technique both physical and mental will prosper.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Study Martial Arts?

The reason I study Martial Arts is not only for the major physical benefits, but the mental aspects as well. Martial Arts is a very good way to achieve balance within the mind. You may learn self-defense, but you also learn many life skills and a lot about yourself. My instructors have helped me in all aspects of my life so well, that I am an instructor myself. I have learned much about the kind of person I am, and have gained much better control of my life in doing so. I've been doing it for over a decade now, and haven't regretted one day. You gain friendships with the instructors, your classmates, and even some of the parents of your classmates. A good Martial Arts dojo is a friendly environment, where everyone gets along and learns something. We can apply these principles to everyday life, too. Shouldn't any place be like this? Martial Arts can apply to everywhere in the world, not just the dojo.